Error upgrading Azure Pack websites to Update 2

This is a recent one I struck building a test lab for Azure Pack websites.  When I upgraded the controller to update 2 of the Windows Azure Pack websites feature, I ended up with the update getting stuck in a loop and logging the following error in the Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\WebSitesUpdate\Operational log:

Unexpected exception encountered during action CreateOrUpdateFeed Error occurred during the offlining process of the Web Sites product dependencies. WebPICmd.exe returned –1
at Microsoft.Web.Hosting.UpdateService.PowershellHelper.Execute(String powershellFilePath, Dictionary`2 arguments)
at Microsoft.Web.Hosting.UpdateService.UpdateManager.CreateOrUpdateFeed()
at Microsoft.Web.Hosting.UpdateService.UpdateManager.DoWork(Object unused)
The publisher has been disabled and its resource is not available. This usually occurs when the publisher is in the process of being uninstalled or upgraded

This was an interesting one, as the error indicated that something was going wrong when webpicmd.exe was running.  Webpicmd is the command line interface to the Web Platform Installer, so it should be just downloading and installing content.  I checked the basics – that web access was available from the controller, that DNS was resolving correctly, and that I could use webpicmd to list available downloads (webpicmd /list /listoption:all) and everything worked fine.  So the problem wasn’t webpi itself.

Fortunately the websites upgrade process creates some logs in “C:\Program Files\IIS\Microsoft Web Sites\Logs” and the key log in there is “CreateOrUpdateFeedWebPI.log”.  This log helped me troubleshoot where things were going wrong.  In the log was an entry “ProductId WFastCgi2Py27 not found”.  If you compare to the official feed there is definitely an entry there for WFastCgiPy27.  So it appeared that something had become out of sync between the offline feed that the update was using and the official feed.

The solution for this was to delete %systemdrive%\HostingOfflineFeed and let the upgrade process run again.  Make sure to back up the HostingOfflineFeed folder before deleting it, just in case.  

So, in summary, to fix upgrade issues:

– Troubleshoot using the Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\WebSitesUpdate\Operational log
– Troubleshoot using the logs in “C:\Program Files\IIS\Microsoft Web Sites\Logs” on the websites controller
– If you think the problem is with the offline feed, try deleting it and starting again.


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